Online Training On SharePoint

Friday, November 11, 2011

Microsoft has done lot of investment in Enterprise Search in SharePoint and it has lot of complicated concepts. The below test contains 10 questions on Search  in SharePoint covering various aspect of Search. Try to solve the below questions and if you can answer 8 questions correctly you can consider your self good in Search.
Question 1: SharePoint Foundation can crawl and surface the content:
From the Current Site Collection Only
From all the Site Collections in the current Web Application.
From all the site collections in all the web applications in the same farm
Site Collections across the SharePoint Farm

Question 2: Select the correct relationship between Property Store and Index Partition:
 An index partition can be associated with only one property database
 An index partition can be associated with multiple property databases
 One Property Database can be assoicated to multiple Index Partitions

Question 3:Managed Property are created using:
One or more Crawl Rules
Only One Crawled Property
A combination of Crawled Properties and Crawl Rules
One of more Crawled Properties

Question 4: Select the correct statements about iFilters used in SharePoint Search:
SharePoint 2010 includes an ifilter by default to index pdf documents
Additional iFilters can be installed to index file types which are not included OOB in SharePoint.
A plugin that extracts full-text data from specific file types
Additional iFilters can not be installed in a SahrePoint Farm.

Question 5: To display the data along with SharePoint Search results from various Search engines such as Google or Bing which feature needs to be used:
Host Distribution Rules
Crawl Rules
Federated Locations

Question 6: Managed Properties can be used to create:
Search Scope
Crawl Rule
Content Source
Crawler Impact Rule

Question 7: Select the correct statements about Content Sources used in SharePoint Search (Multiple Selection):
We can schedule Full Crawl and Incremental Crawl on a content source for indexing.
SharePoint creates a default content source in which all the Web Application are added by default once they are created.
A content source can be created for File Shares using OOB capabilities of SharePoint.
Different kind of content such as SharePoint sites & Exchange Public Folders can be added as part of the same Content Sources.

Question 8: Select the correct relation ship between Crawl Component and Crawl Databases(Multiple Selection):
A crawl Component can be associated to multiple Crawl Databases.
A crawl Component can be associated to only one Crawl Databases.
A Crawl database can have multiple crawl components.

Question 9: Search Scope can be created based on:
Crawl Rules
Web Address
Property Query
Content Source

Question 10: FAST Search can be used only with:
SharePoint 2010 Foundation
SharePoint 2010 Standard
SharePoint Enterprise